Pool Party

Full Original Article by Jeanette Hurt for AirTRan Magazine

Wisconsin has the most water parks on the planet making choosing the right one a labor of love. We’ve rounded up the steepest, highest, fastest and plain best rides and slides for you to conquer.

Jamaican Village

Paradise Landing at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, www.paradiselanding.com 
While other parks try to out-speed, out-steep and out-splash each other with increasingly precarious and daring slides, this place prides itself on taking it easy. Rides here are calmer and the pool’s shallower than those of bigger parks. The tallest of a trifecta of three-level water slides tops out at just 16.3 feet and is only 85 feet long.

FUN FACT: This is one of only urban water parks in the country.

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