Hilton Milwaukee City Center

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An indoor water park adds kid-friendly cache to an historic downtown hotel.

The Hilton Milwaukee City Center walks a fine line between business hotel and family lodging. Connected by a skywalk to the Midwest Airlines Center, the Hilton hosts a fair amount of convention traffic. (Expect to see professionals in business casual wandering around with name-tag lanyards.) But the hotel is also home to Paradise Landing, touted as the country’s first urban indoor water park. Paradise Landing isn’t as big as some of the newer hotel water parks, but families who want to explore downtown Milwaukee’s museums shouldn’t overlook this great perk. Rooms and bathrooms, though clean and updated, are historic-hotel small, and there’s a surprisingly limited lineup of television channels. Dining options are good but pricey and include the Milwaukee Chophouse and a full-service Starbucks. Travelers without access to the company expense account should probably look elsewhere. Luckily, because this is downtown Milwaukee, there are plenty of choices within a short walk or drive.

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